Are VPNs Better Than Web Proxies?

Web proxies and VPNs are used for the purpose of hiding the identity of intent users. It can also be used to bypass the limitations in certain geographical locations. Although the two provide similar services, they involve different processes. The results of both systems are also different. A proxy server is a computer acting like as a connection between the internet and your computer. Your traffic will have the IP address of the intermediary computer instead of your machine.

There are two types of proxy servers which are SOCKS and HTTP protocols. HTTP protocol is used to interpret traffic at HTTP level. This is only useful when surfing the internet. Because it deals only with HTTP requests, it is faster than SOCKS or even VPN servers. Other advantages include accessing some geographical areas that have restrictions and it is very cheap. In some cases, it is available free of charge.

SOCKS servers are more flexible. They do not interpret traffic on the intent. Since they handle higher traffic than HTTP, they are slow. However, they support any kind of web traffic. Its use requires individual configuration. It also has the same security issues as HTTP.

VPNs create an encrypted channel connecting your computer to the host server. No one is able to see what you do on the internet. Therefore, your information will be shielded from hackers who might exploit it. Your IP address as well as those you have visited is concealed with more than 128-bit encryption.

The VPN service provider is able to see what you are doing on the internet. A good VPN provider like HideMyAss (click this link for a full HideMyAss review) should not keep logs of what you do on the web. The purpose of VPNs is to secure your online activities. When logs are maintained, it is possible for someone to find them thus diluting the main purpose of VPN service.

The process of setting up VPN service on your computer may be a bit complicated. It requires downloading and installation of what is required. The computer will then be configured for it to be used. The main advantage is that very little computing skills are required to operate it.

Although proxies provide almost the same service to VPN, they are inferior to the latter. When using VPN, you can be assured of operating anonymously on the internet. It is the best option to use when you want to bypass limitations found in some countries. However, when you choose VPN over a proxy, you will pay higher charges.

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The Advantages of Using a Web Proxy

If you happen to be in a local cyber cafe and you want to access some sites but you wish to stay anonymous, your ultimate solution is to use a web proxy. Internet Service Providers or ISPs have the power to prevent access to some internet sites, which explains why you are prevented from accessing some of them. If you wish to do away with these limitations, then you need to use a web proxy.


There are numerous benefits that come with the use of a web proxy while surfing the Internet, among which is remaining incognito. If you are using it on your surfing activities online, it’s really simple for you to remain anonymous. Meaning, no one will ever track your online activities or know precisely where you go on the web. This is the most notable benefit you will get from making use of web proxies while surfing online.

Freely access limited websites

As soon as you are making use of a web proxy, you could gain entry to whatever website you wanted to even if they are blocked by your ISP. Oftentimes, you will uncover universities and workplaces blocking access to some internet sites. You can utilize a web proxy if you do not want to see error messages popping up on your screen each time you access prohibited websites.

An excellent search experience

The moment you have a web proxy, you are guaranteed an enhanced web experience. Exactly since there are no prohibitions anymore, and you can obtain easy entry to any site you want to go to. A great deal of web users internationally just like to use web proxies because of this. You will not experience any blocks whatsoever with web proxies. When you have a web proxy, you can go past any website blocks and restrictions today.

Filter webpages

Yet another benefit you can derive from web proxies is the filtering of your online requests to get you to the very best content that you will ever need. Businesses could utilize web proxies to make sure that unauthorized personnel will never have access to sensitive and highly private classified information. Anyone could without much problem set a web proxy to best match his or her own personal tastes and choices.

Web proxies (and VPNs) can also be used to access Facebook and other blocked websites in countries like China, Iran… For more info, visit: How To Access Facebook From China

The Benefits Of Using A VPN

The current age of information technology has revolutionized the art of communication and data transfer. Amidst some of these remarkable innovations one thing that has remained a considerable achievement in IT is the development of a VPN. The virtual private network as the name suggests is a private network owned by a company or organization that uses the resources of another public network such as the internet to improve data transfer while at the same time keeping the levels of privacy very high.

A VPN is regarded as one of the safest and highly efficient data transfer option for companies and organization that have a lot of confidential digital data that needs to be transferred from one workstation to another within the company or outside. The benefits of using a VPN are all well documented and in fact, some of them are highlighted here below:

- Data security and privacy protection – one of the major strengths of VPN is the ability it provides to safeguard data and confidential information being shared within the network. The network applies a comprehensive encryption tool that keeps your data safe including passwords, financial information or any instant messages. Aside from these, the VPN also gives you an opportunity to hide your IP address making it easy for you to surf the web anonymously.

- Unblock sites that may be unavailable through normal internet – a VPN network is also a very important addition for persons or organizations that are looking to unblock sites which have been blocked for one reason or another. In different countries some sites are deemed inappropriate. However, with a VPN, you can easily access them. In addition to this, the network also allows you to make anonymous downloads. For example, if you want to watch French TV but can’t because of geo-restrictions, you could use a VPN in France and virtually connect from this country.

- Protection from spyware and malware – a VPN network helps you to protect your computers from malicious software or application. The network can be configured to have a hotspot shield and every time you visit any site, the shield will check to ensure it is safe. In case the site is malicious, the shield will block it and provide you with a notification.

These are some of the major benefits of using a VPN network, even free ones. Although there are a lot of advantages, these three rank as the main ones. In case you are looking to save cost in data, a VPN network will be your ideal choice based on the fact that it can be able to compress data to reduce the transfer charges.